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What are QR Codes ?

QR Codes
Connecting with your Customers.

Learn how QR codes  and a Kwik page can enhance your marketing strategy

Businesses of all sizes are suddenly becoming aware of QR codes as a new marketing tool. QR codes, a modern cousin to bar codes, are a way businesses can let camera-equipped iphone and android smartphone owners view useful information, such as web pages, videos, contact information, price lists, menus, and product information.

What is a QR code?

QR codes, or quick response codes, resemble traditional bar codes in that they encode information in a two-dimensional image. A typical QR code can include approximately 7,000 numeric characters, or 4,000 alphanumeric characters. For marketing, the possibilities are endless and evolving. The intent is to quickly connect smartphone owners with deeper information about a business or product. Together with a mobile optimized Kwik Page this is a fantastic opportunity for you to tap into the massive smart phone market.

Here are some advantages to using QR codes:

  • Simple, fast, and inexpensive to create and distribute
  • Connects people with detailed product information
  • Smartphones with QR code readers are becoming increasingly common

Google, Tesco, Ebay, Co-op say yes to QR codes.

QR codes, common in mobile-obsessed Japan for years as well as other countries, are just now becoming popular in the UK. Google announced that it was mailing more than 100,000 window stickers containing QR codes to local businesses that are popular on Google and Google maps. Tesco are using QR codes alongside all their electrical products to help shoppers gain more information on a certain product instantly. The co-op has QR codes on all its mail shots and on food packaging in store to provide recipes and nutritional information. The aim is to allow shoppers armed with smartphones and QR code readers to get instant information.

What information can you generate in a QR code?

Some examples of what a QR code can include are:

  • Mobile Kwik Page
  • Text
  • Phone numbers
  • Complete contact information
  • SMS text messages
  • Calendar events
  • An email address
  • A geographic map location

How can you use your QR code and a Kwik page?

QR codes are taking off as more and more consumers use them to initiate purchasing decisions.
Examples of how businesses are using QR codes today include linking potential customers to:

  • Kwik Pages
  • Menus and price lists
  • Educational materials
  • Videos and product demonstrations
  • Printable offers and coupons
  • Surveys
  • Contests or sweepstakes
  • Special offers sent via SMS text messages
  • Manuals, spec sheets, feature lists
  • Driving directions
  • Testimonials

Print advertising

An intriguing possibility is that QR codes may help revitalize print advertising. As online advertising has gobbled up more and more ad spending because of its low cost, reach, and measurability, print advertising has languished. But what happens when a print ad includes a traceable QR code linking the reader to a Kwik page? Not only can you test different print ads with traceable QR codes, you can also quickly send people to more information making it far cheaper than placing a more considerably priced printed advertisement. Print ads suddenly become more dynamic and measurable. 

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